Techception Vs Keap 

With rising competition and an ever-changing market, businesses must find a means to not only attract new clients but also maintain existing ones. Whichever business you run, having a CRM is essential for its growth. CRMs can help businesses track and evaluate existing relationships with clients and leads, allowing them to streamline their sales processes and improve customer satisfaction. Almost all businesses need one to help them scale these days and that’s why it’s useful to compare different options to get a better idea of which one is the right option for your business needs. Getting to know everything before you purchase a CRM software is really helpful. 

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) require the right marketing platform to help them expand and scale their business. Every business’s aim is to have a trustworthy, dependable, and affordable marketing platform, and with Techception, it’s possible to achieve that. One of the most important advantages of CRM is the ability to focus on customer data. Businesses may better understand their customers’ needs, interests, and behavioral patterns by having a consistent perspective of their engagements across numerous channels. A sales staff, for example, can track client contacts and sales history and apply this information to modify sales pitches and strengthen customer relationships. A marketing team can use consumer behavior to develop customized campaigns and increase customer engagement.

The right marketing platform understands your business needs and fits your specific demands. That is why, at Techception, we provide a wide range of marketing services for your company. With Osprey, our AI-powered CRM, you get to experience more productivity, less overhead costs, and better leads while keeping costs minimal. 

Keap has been around for a while now and it’s been a preferable choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike, while Techception has emerged as a young and promising competitor which offers a hybrid solution to professionals. 

Both Techception and Keap are developed for helping small and medium-sized businesses to help them grow. Both of them have powerful CRM software that organizes everything in one place and is aimed to generate more leads. Although Keap has established itself as a good option for small businesses across the USA, Techception is a new market contender that is rising through the ranks thanks to lower prices and excellent services.

In this blog, we will compare Techception with Keap to determine which would be a better fit for your company. We’ll examine each platform’s services, products, and pricing.

What does Techception do? 

Techception is a marketing and customer acquisition platform that is committed to helping small businesses succeed. It offers SMBs from across 40+ industries, a marketing platform, an AI-powered CRM, Virtual Assistants, and other services. 

Services offered by Techception

Techception offers a wide range of services from a professional CRM for marketing solutions to Virtual Assistants for your business tasks to Data services. With Techception, you can build comprehensive marketing funnels to acquire, nurture, and convert more leads into paying customers. Your marketing efforts should not end when they click the link in your social network bio. With lead management, appointment automation, outbound calling, analytics, and other features, Techception makes it simple to engage them until they are ready to buy.


Techception offers a hybrid solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs build their businesses. When you join the ProNetwork, you have access to a variety of exclusive features that will provide you a competitive advantage over your local competition, such as prominent local citations, listings, and better SEO. We create a highly visible professional profile page for businesses with all of the necessary facts so that you have maximum online visibility at Techception. Our SEO specialists optimize your profile, enhancing your online visibility and reach. As a result, you outrank your competition in search engine results on a regular basis.

Osprey CRM

Osprey was created to help businesses manage customer service and sales operations. Osprey CRM has features such as lead management, contact management, opportunity management, task management, and reporting and analytics. The platform is dynamic and may be modified to meet the specific needs of individual businesses. Techception’s  Osprey CRM is available from any device with an internet connection and it is simple to use. Osprey Dashboard, CRM Launchpad, Built-In Calling, 2 Way Texting, Email Marketing, Chatbot, Contact Management, Workflow, Pipeline, Forms, Funnels, Ads, Surveys, and Memberships & Courses are some of its other significant features. All these features are available on Osprey and the basic plan starts from $299 a year, which is less than a dollar a day. You can also access other plans which include the premium plan, starting from $479 a year, or the diamond plan which is $958 a year. All these plans include our CRM software and business profiles. 

Virtual Assitant

Techception offers a variety of Virtual Assistant services to businesses in order to help them run more efficiently. An assistant can help you build your business, boost your billable time, spend more time at home, or simply feel less stressed and disorganized. Your virtual assistant will have the essential skills and knowledge to perform time-consuming tasks. Techception recruits, trains, and vets VAs based on stringent requirements such as power, backup power, backup computer access, identity, employment history, and relevant skills. Depending on your needs, you may hire a part-time Virtual Assistant for $499 per month or a full-time VA for $899 per month. With Techception, you can also hire a Virtual Sales or Marketing assistant for tasks including Lead Filtering, CRM Management, Scheduling Events, Coordinating Tasks, and more.  

Data Services

Techception provides data services through a personalized data broker who assists companies with data acquisition by building a strategy and budget. The data broker seeks the best possible offer while maintaining privacy. After the sale, Techception securely transmits the data to the client’s account, managing all transaction procedures to assure satisfaction.

What does Keap do? 

Keap is a platform for marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) that is specifically made for small businesses. It includes tools for managing leads, automating marketing campaigns, tracking customer interactions, and creating analytics and reports. Keap was once known as Infusionsoft until being renamed Keap in 2019.

Keap’s marketing automation solutions are one of its standout features. Keap allows businesses to automate their marketing campaigns, from email newsletters to social media posts, letting business owners focus on expanding their business rather than spending time on monotonous tasks. To convert more leads into customers, businesses may also use Keap’s customized landing pages and lead collection forms.

Keap features 

Contact Management: Keap enables you to centrally manage and organize all of your customer information. You can save contact information, communication history, and sales pipeline data.

Marketing Automation: You may automate your marketing efforts using Keap, such as email campaigns, landing sites, and lead capturing forms. You can also send customized messages to your contacts by segmenting them depending on their behavior and interests.

Sales Pipeline Management: Keap provides a visual sales pipeline that allows you to track the status of your leads and prospects. To move deals through the pipeline, you can configure your pipeline stages and define automated actions.

Appointment Scheduling: Keap offers an appointment scheduling tool that allows customers to book sessions with you online. Appointment reminders and follow-ups can also be automated.

Reporting and Analytics: Keap provides comprehensive reporting and analytics on your marketing and sales initiatives. Metrics such as email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates can be tracked.

Mobile App: Keap features a mobile app that allows you to manage your contacts, appointments, and tasks while you’re on the road.

Comparison between Techception and Keap

Keap currently offers two price plans: The Pro Plan and the Max Plan. The initial starts at $149 per month while the latter is priced at $199 per month. Customers opting for the Pro plan get up to 1500 contacts and 2 users, while the Max plan includes up to 2500 contacts and 3 users. In terms of pricing, Techcepetion clearly offers a much more affordable plan to businesses and almost has the same features as Keap. Currently, Techception offers almost all the services as Keap with lower prices. These include Email Marketing, Text Messages, Contact Management, funnels and Pipelines, Workflow automation, and more. Another competitive edge that Techception has over Keap is that it offers local citations, listings, and SEO for businesses. 


To conclude, it’s obvious that Keap has had slightly more time to establish its presence among CRM software providers and is adored by small businesses across the USA but Techception is paving the way for new-generation entrepreneurs and SMBs with its AI-powered CRM software which has several new features that Keap doesn’t offer. With the current prices, Techeception also provides businesses with premium business profiles, local listings, citations, and SEO for their pages. Keap doesn’t provide listings or SEO for your business profiles. The final decision is always yours and you have the freedom to go with the platform you think is better for your business. 


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