Techception Vs Marketing 360 – The Difference

You must have questioned yourself, nowadays why is it so challenging to find a marketing platform? Simply because there are just so many and each one of them proclaims to be the most ideal. Most companies find it difficult to locate the best platform for marketing that fits their needs. Two of the most well-known platforms, i.e. Techception and Marketing 360, provide the best services to enhance online presence and drive traffic to run a successful business. 

What is Techception?

Techception with the aim of “Simplifying the complexity” is an AI-powered marketing platform that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and drive traffic and customers without paying a significant amount. Techception aims to increase search engine visibility using its AI-powered tools to optimize visibility and ranking among search results, which will automatically provide great exposure and generate more leads. A user-friendly CRM used by Techception makes it easier to achieve ultimate performance by using all the tools necessary for managing and growing your business. Techception is an ideal choice for businesses to fulfill all the requirements such as marketing, sales, and customer service under one platform.  

What is Marketing 360?

Marketing 360 is a renowned technological business commerce platform that provides the tools and marketing programs needed to help small businesses grow under one platform. Marketing 360 helps businesses to show up at the top of search results on popular search engines using improved SEO. Marketing 360 is what you need to win and compete online with the help of devoted marketing staff. 

How does Marketing 360 work?

Marketing 360 is a cloud-based marketing platform that is easy to use and includes all professional services. It works on PPC but also includes social media marketing, email marketing, and much more. Marketing 360 offers web design modification using UXi website modules which enable business owners to create their advertising content and generate sales with the help of call-to-action which make your page much more responsive. Marketing 360 enabled many companies to use their CRM and website platform services which are resulting in a well-developed and organized system. This software solution starts from $25 and costs you $395 a month and with the addition of services like custom website design, it costs around $3,000 and $20,000+. Whereas, the social media marketing package starts from $595 per month. Marketing 360’s CRM makes it easy for businesses to manage leads, projects, partners, and more. Marketing 360 ensures fast payments, to gain a good reputation, and in-depth reporting for you to succeed. Key features include:

  • Local Listing ads
  • Natural Listing ads
  • Retargeting ads
  • Social targeting ads
  • Small business CRM
  • UXi/Websites 360

How does Techception work?

Techception is an AI-based marketing platform that uses a hybrid strategy that offers the best solutions to keep the balance between online leads, marketing, and technology and ensures the building of strong relationships with clients, and helps generate more leads. With a team of professional employees, Techception knows how to drive more campaigns and generate more revenue. All you need to do is join the network, and sit back and Techception is going to do the rest for you. From creating your custom profile to optimizing and amplifying your online presence Techception got you covered. Unlock Techception’s most powerful CRM and sales engagement platforms under reasonable prices.

By using the service of a virtual assistant you can accomplish more. Techception allows you to hire a virtual assistant who will handle all the sales and client management for you. VAs are here to perform all the time-consuming tasks for you. 

Techception has the best service including the most affordable pricing and plans. Techception offers two types of plans, 

Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y), where you have to manage everything yourself, costs you around $2270 – $6100 per month.

While the other plan is to leave everything to the experienced team of Techception and they will do the rest for you. From creating an effective business profile to ranking your visibility on search engines. This plan costs around $299 Annually.

Just pay a membership fee to join and pay for each lead.

Following are the plans under Techception’s hybrid pricing model:

Standard Plan$299 annual fee + $25 per lead
Pro Plan$479 annual fee+ $15 per lead 
Premium Plan$958 annual fee+ $0 per lead 

Key features of Techception includes:

  • AI-based CRM, Osprey
  • Built-in Calling
  • 2 way texting
  • Chatbot, and much more
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reporting And Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Virtual Assistant

Analysis Between Techception and Marketing 360!

Marketing 360’s Pros and Cons

One of the benefits of Marketing 360 is its all-in-one approach to marketing. It has all the tools required to handle and manage your business. It is highly customizable which allows businesses to perform their marketing campaigns according to their wants and needs. The platform also provides a detailed report and analytics which can be used to make decisions according to the data that has been driven. Marketing 360 is well known for its 24/7 customer support. Marketing 360 also allows you to create a website using an easy drag-and-drop builder to establish your own online store. Payments have been made easier which is making payments to be accepted online through an app along with that you can manage invoices as well. CRM offered by Marketing 360 helps you run your business your way by managing projects, deals, and much more. CRM enables you to organize B2B relationships by grouping contacts.

The services offered by Marketing 360 are limited whereas their pricing and plans are a bit costly which makes it expensive for small businesses. Marketing 360 has a bit of a complex platform that requires close learning. With its limited flexibility, the platform and features sometimes do not meet the customer’s needs. 

Marketing 360 is however one of the most renowned marketing platforms but it also has some drawbacks which must be considered before investing in it. 

Techception’s Pros and Cons

Providing its customers with an AI-powered marketing platform Techception is the best in the market. All the marketing tools required to run a successful business are present in one place. Techception understands that running a business is difficult and that creating user-friendly software is necessary. Techception also understands that AI is the future, so the software designed is also AI-based which increases and generates more leads. Techception is one of those very few marketing platforms offering virtual assistants who are here to assist and do the time-consuming work for you. Not only that but Techcption has also taken the database industry one step ahead by providing the information of more than 10 million businesses and 170 million consumers. Techception is working all around the world and using the best approach to get data for you at the lowest price possible. Once the data is gathered, it is transferred into your account meanwhile keeping your identity anonymous.

Techception’s platform you need to run your business which improves accessibility and  humanizes your business for everyone to understand it. This software allows built-in calling which improves communication and allows users to quickly call their contacts. 2 way texting, email marketing, chatbot, content management everything is present in the software to nurture your business and grow. You can make websites and webpages with the help of a drag-and-drop builder. 

One of the biggest advantages of using Techception as a marketing platform is that the software is affordable as compared to Marketing 360 which is one of the reasons which makes Techception far better than the other Marketing platforms.

The only disadvantage of Techception is its young age. Techception is a strong marketing platform that can benefit every business that comes to it. 


Marketing 360 is a well-known marketing platform used by thousands of businesses in order to achieve success and visibility over search engines. From SEO, PPC advertising, and Social media advertising, Marketing 360 has everything businesses need to succeed. But as compared to other businesses it seems to be quite expensive, holding a complex structure and fewer services. 

 Techception’s main purpose has always been to assist businesses to work along in order to help them grow, generate more leads, and provide inclusive marketing solutions. Techception is providing the most accurate business databases available. The plans and prices offered by Techception are reasonable. 

Both marketing platforms are well-known, providing the best services according to their own criteria. It’s up to you which marketing platform fits you well.


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