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We understand things can get tricky, but this is where our F.A.Q section about Live Call Answering Service comes in! Get answers to your most pressing questions, and if you don’t see an answer to your question or want more clarification,  just give us a ring.

A 24/7 call answering service is an answering service staffed by friendly, professional customer experience experts who can answer your customer calls day or night. Excellent for after-hour calls or daytime overflow calls, a 24/7 answering service ensures your customers always reach a live person and receive superior customer care no matter when they call your business.

Setting up call answering services is a straightforward process. First, select your desired plan. Then, complete a simple form and redirect your calls to the designated number. As calls come in, our amiable staff will respond per your instructions—either forwarding the call to you directly or taking down a message and promptly notifying you.

Phone carriers offer various options for call forwarding to Techception. The most common is manual call forwarding, where you choose the line to forward and dial an access code followed by the forwarding number. Another option is Busy No Answer forwarding, which sends calls to us if your line is busy or unanswered after a set number of rings. Remote call forwarding allows you to forward calls from anywhere.

Some use advanced phone systems for forwarding, check with your provider or phone options on how to forwards calls. 

We provide all account holders with a unique forwarding phone number.  You forward your calls to that  number and when the number rings at our contact center, the agent answers in your company name and follows your account instructions.

Transitioning is simple — you can conveniently forward calls from your own number to the Techception-provided phone number whenever you prefer to have your calls answered by Techception. This approach offers you greater flexibility, allowing you to seamlessly switch between managing calls personally and utilizing Techception's professional call answering services. This not only enhances your overall communication strategy but also ensures that you can adapt to different circumstances and preferences with ease.

Absolutely, yes! Utilizing the phone number provided by Techception on your business cards not only adheres to our service structure but also offers you considerable advantages. By prominently featuring this number, you not only maintain a professional image but also open the door to substantial cost savings on your phone bills. Additionally, having a dedicated number enables our 24/7 call answering service to handle your calls seamlessly, ensuring that your business remains accessible around the clock. This integration not only enhances your availability but also contributes to the overall efficiency of your communication strategy.

Techception does not charge any additional fees for the dedicated phone number provided. Our pricing is transparent and straightforward – all-inclusive. There are no extra charges or hidden fees. We believe in simplicity and understand the challenges faced by small businesses. To provide peace of mind and to help navigate the unexpected, our pricing structure covers both the dedicated phone number and 24/7/365 call answering services. We pride ourselves on a customer-friendly approach, ensuring you get comprehensive services without any nickel-and-diming.

There are no surprises. You will not find any hidden fees on your invoice.

No, there is no obligation to sign a contract for our telephone answering services. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time. Our month-to-month subscriptions come with no cancellation fees, allowing you to easily adjust your plan to accommodate changing business needs, whether you're scaling up or down. There's no need to be tied down with contracts. Simply provide us with a 30-day notice, and we'll ensure a smooth billing cutoff.

Techception is a full-service 24/7/365 contact center; we are always available. We don’t take vacations, sick days or maternity leave and we are more affordable than the cost of having a full-time employee. Technically, if you have a website, you are a 24/7 business and often the best opportunities come during off times. Why miss an important call just because you or your assistant are tied up working on another task or talking on the other line? In today’s business environment, immediate customer service has become the standard.

Yes, our answering service takes privacy very seriously. All employees sign a confidentiality agreement which remains in effect indefinitely. Our call center utilizes the highest data encryption and firewall technologies to insure the integrity and security of our network. We are HIPAA compliant, employing the highest standard of customer data and information protection. Clients can rest assured that information is safe and secure.

The limits are contingent on your chosen plan. Under the Starter Plan at $99 per month, calls can only be forwarded for a single person. Opting for the Grow Plan at $199 per month allows calls to be forwarded to up for three people. Similarly, with the Pro Plan at $299 per month, calls can be forwarded to up to five users. The specific plan you select determines the extent of call forwarding capabilities and message/notification recipients.

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